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[Nov 15, 1999]
Cross-Country Rider




Fender braze-ons should be standard, not optional.

After logging over 20,000 miles, I had to replace my Klein Adept due to a frame damage problem. After scouring the market, it quickly became apparent that a replacement would not be easy to find - there are no hybrid bikes made of a similar quality to the Klein. I then began looking at cyclocross bikes which seemed philosophically similar to hybrids. After narrowing the field down to either the Moots Psychlo-X or the Litespeed Appalachian, I chose the Moots. My Phychlo-X was delivered in mid October.My primary plans for the bike included daily commuting (18 miles rt) and recreational road riding. I therefore opted for the unsuspended model to keep weight down and maintain maximum stiffness. I also selected what is probably an unusual parts array for this bike: Moots mountain bike bars, an Independent Fabrications fork, GripShift levers and SRAM 9-speed derailleur, and XTR cranks/triple chainrings, brakes and front derailleur - all mountain bike stuff rather than the predominant road parts usually found on ‘cross bikes. The bike also sports a Moots stem, Moots seatpost, Flite saddle, Blackburn rack and Zefal fenders. Minus the fenders and rack, the bike weighs in at just over 20 pounds.Prior to making such a large investment, I visited Moots headquarters in Steamboat Springs and did some test riding. After 30 seconds on a demo, I knew it was the best bike I’d ever ridden (and I’ve had the privilege of owning some great bikes). Now I have logged over 500 miles on my own bike, and that first impression has only grown stronger.The Moots Psychlo-X is wonderful. It exceeds its claim of being an all-purpose bike. It is a svelte road bike, a durable loaded tourer, a mean urban assault commuter and a rugged off-road cruiser all at the same time. I rode the bike to Alta (the infamous 3,000 foot Snowbird Hill Climb) and found it to be an incredible climber. I took it to Las Vegas and completed the recent Ride of the Century 100-miler. The Moots proved to be a very comfortable long-haul rig.The 3 best words to describe this bike: efficient, comfortable, controllable. The power transfer is incredibly efficient. Put some energy into the pedals and the bike virtually rockets forward - there’s no detectable energy-sapping flex at all. Comfort-wise, I admittedly give up some aero advantage with the mtn. bars, but the bike fits and feels great. I added bar-ends to more closely approximate a road bar position, and felt little disadvantage during the century ride. I greatly prefer the comfort and control of the flat bars. My main use of the bike is for commuting to work, a route that includes a few high-traffic areas. The Psychlo-X is an urban biker’s dream. It accelerates rapidly, has laser-precise steering and stops on a dime (thanks to the XTR V-brakes). I added a Mountain Mirrycle mirror for added security. I carry a lot of heavy baggage during my commutes, which has revealed another amazing characteristic. While most bikes feel sluggish when loaded down, the Moots maintains its sprightly but solid feel. If the bike were a car, it would be a Volvo Turbo.Moots frames are famous for their beauty. The Psychlo-X is no exception. It features flawless welds and incredible finish work. One suggestion: opt for the Moots stem. It not only matches the frame, but does a great job of smoothing out road bumps. Another suggestion if you live in the Intermountain West region: order your Moots through Wild Rose Mountain Sports in Salt Lake, the best shop, by far, that I have ever dealt with.Not having any cyclocross experience, I can’t really review that aspect of the bike. What little off-roading I have done has seemed very good. However, if your primary method of transportation is a bicycle, as mine is, I can’t recommend the Moots Psychlo-X highly enough. Did I mention this is a great bike?

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