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[Jan 11, 2002]
Recreational Rider


Good design, well made, nice ride. Also, the 135mm rear spacing allows you to build a wheel with less dish than traditional road or ''''cross set-ups. (It also means that you''''d probably use a mountain-bike rear hub, which may be stronger and better-sealed.


This bike was intended for use with "V" brakes and therefore has no provision for a cable hanger. I don''''t care what anybody (especially anyone who makes adapters) says, V-brakes don''''t work with road levers. So, in order to use cantilevers, I ran a teflon-housed cable through one of the braze-ons and used an Avid Triangles, which allow you to set the cables slightly off-center. Also: I know Voodoo hadn''''t intended the Wazoo as a touring bike, so there are no rack or pump braze-ons. Again, I improvised satisfactory solutions.

I am a former racer who now does long, fast 50-100 mile rides, loaded tours and some dirt roads. In addition to my Wazoo, I have a LandShark road bike for the fast rides. But for tours and the dirt I''''ve been riding the Wazoo. The Wazoo is a machine designed for ''''cross, not merely a road bike with cantilever braze-ons or a mountain bike with skinny tires. It''''s designed for 700 C wheels, but has more than enough clearance for a 38C with tire. (It''''s the widest I tried; you could probably put in something even wider.) I''''ve outfitted the bike with a triple and this summer did a tour of the French Alps. (I climbed the Alpe d''''Huez, where I saw Lance win, as he did the following day when I watched him at Chamrousse.) The Wazoo is stable yet not lumbering. I had no worries while descending hairpin turns with panniers and a sleeping bag attached to the rear. But, with a pair of slicks, it feels lively (though, as I expected, not quite so as my road bike). It''''s therefore good when I don''''t want to gunk up my Land Shark. This Wazoo also got me and my load up the Col d''''Aspin and other Pyrenees passes the summer before last. I stopped in Lourdes, not because I was feeling any pain, but to buy a medal for mom! Anyway, I highly recommend this bike. Since I''''ve given up on the really "stupid" jumps and stunts in the upstate woods (When you get to a certain age, you don''''t heal so quickly!)and stick to the trails in the upstate and New England woods, I''''ve sold my mountain bike. This bike, in short, can do just about anything you want.

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This is my first true "cross" bike. Previously, I''''ve had mountain bikes, touring bikes and have ridden and continue to ride road bikes. The Wazoo is a great complement to my road bike.

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