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[Oct 24, 2001]
Recreational Rider


Craftsmanship, smooth ride, good control at high speed



FCR Review At 6''4'', 230 lbs I never have really been satisfied with any off-the-shelf frame. A couple of years ago Titus had built me a custom Racer-X, which is a great performing mountain bike. So I decided to get a custom Titus titanium road bike build as well. The bike is performing so well, I don''t know where to start... First, the fit: It is absolutely astonishing how perfectly the bike fits. All that I provided to Titus were my vitals (weight, height, inseam, ...) together with the frame geometry I have already been riding before, and describing what I did or did not like about it. Titus obviously has the experience, talent and feel for designing the right frame for people, which I believe is a result of working closely with their customers for many years. Secondly, the ride: The good riding qualities of Ti frames are probably known to serious riders already. Yes, it is smooth, and the road feels as if somebody had rolled out a carpet. The shock absorption is just unmatched, which is a typical characteristic of Titanium. Although my bike is really big, it rides like a Porsche. Going downhill with 40-45 mph over rough pavement feels always save. The frame does not behave like a spring and does not kick back, when I go into dips or over bumps at high speed. I have great control over the bike, even with one hand on the handlebar. Something I could not say about the larger steel frames I had been riding so far. For me, the bike combines riding comfort and frame stiffness in a perfect way. Thirdly, the quality craftmanship: The bike is beautifully designed and built with oversized titanium tubing. The welding is laid down in a perfect and aesthetic manner. If you are looking for quality Ti frame manufacturing these days, Titus definitely is a manufacturer that is serious about this and will meet your expectations.

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