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[May 08, 2002]
Recreational Rider


NO PAIN after riding many miles! Fun. Simple clean design. Fun. Ultra-comfortable. Did I mention fun?


Only one and I think I am being picky... the chain taps side of frame while riding hard over old cobblestone roads.

I have not been on a standard bike for over 10 years because it just wasn''t fun or comfortable for me anymore. After I tried Bike-E for the first time I felt like a kid and fell in love with biking again. Dave of Basically Bicycles in MA spent the time with me and had a great selection of Bike-E models to choose from and to ride. I liked the RX due to it''s on-road and off-road capabilities, rear suspension and that relaxed feel in the saddle. Its'' smart design allows you to just relax back into the seat and take the load off your shoulders. A real stress relieving machine. When I saw that there was a New York Bike Tour event of 42 miles I thought what a great way to see New York. I only had the RX for just two weeks and I finished the tour with energy to spare. I never once stopped while climbing the endless hills and long bridges on the tour. Many others on standard bikes did stop who looked to be in much better health then I am. The Bike-E RX gave me an unfair advantage over all the many different and various conditions of New York streets like torn up roads, cobblestone, potholes, raised metal plates covering holes, etc. With the rear suspension I didn''t feel a bump. I tires are great and I never worried about a flat. I actually was looking forward to the next poor road condition to try the RX out on. I think the RX wanted to go offroading that day too! I feel invincible on my RX! I think it is the perfect road warrior.

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I test drove the Bike-E CT and AT and liked how the RX had more chain clearance under the bike, tire design and slightly tilted back handlebars.

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