Mad Alchemy Lip Balm Body Care


Lip Balm is one of those items we typically buy reflexively. We see it by the counter and purchase it because we can't recall where we put that last tube. Better too much than not enough, and there's little worse than obsessing over dry, chapped lips to the point of losing sleep. To that end, we're happy to offer Mad Alchemy Lip Balm.It makes sense that an artisanal embrocation company would also have their own blend of lip balm. The Lip Balm uses many of the same ingredients, and the thought taken to create their lip lube is similar to what has gone into their other products. The Mad Alchemy Lip Balm has a base of beeswax. This is great because it's a sustainable ingredient. They mix helianthus, sunflower seed oil, and coconut oil with it to create a just right blend of texture, and they add peppermint for a notable and sustained cooling tingle. The ingredients work together to provide your lips with sunscreen rated SPF15. It comes in a standard 0.15 oz roll-up tube.

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