Cygolite Mity-Cross Lights


  • Over 350 lumen LED output
  • Two 3rd generation High-Brightness LEDs
  • Compact and lightweight Aluminum alloy casing
  • Exclusive Crossfireâ„¢ design crosses the beams, doubling the viewable area
  • Compact Li-Ion stem mount battery
  • 6 total brightness / flashing settings:
  • o Brightness – Bicycling Modes: High - Medium - Low light
  • o Flashing - Special Modes: Flashing – Walking – SOS
  • Light setting indicator & 3 Stage battery level indicator
  • Control button on headlight
  • 4 hour Rapid Smart charger (100 – 240 volt)
  • New compact Quick release handlebar mount fits oversized and standard handlebars (25.4 – 31.8mm diameters)
  • New compact Quick release helmet mount kit with extension cord included
  • Total system wt: 240 gm


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    [Aug 26, 2012]
    Recreational Rider


    Bright light, great large spot beam pattern with little over spray, very rugged, battery life.


    Helmet connection is not as secure as I would like it to be, but it works.

    This review is actually for the more powerful 480 OSP. Cygolite has always made great lights, I've owned several over the years and none have ever failed me including their cheapest one called the Metro that I bought about 15 years ago and it still works. This MityCross 480 will be no exception. I've had it now for about 2 years and it's survived downpours without any glitches. It charges up fast taking about 4 hours from completely dead and will run for 3.5 hours just as their specs say it will...that alone is unusual for any light manufacture! Generally they over rate their run times. The OSP function for me is almost useless, it allows you to custom program your brightness levels instead of using factory settings. The only time I used the OSP feature was to change the factory medium settings to be more in between the high and low factory settings.

    The bar bracket works great and will not come loose, but the helmet mount is a bit lacking in my opinion. The light straps to the helmet/battery using two velcro straps that go between the vents in the top of the helmet and velcro together underneath, and then you mount a velcro strip to the helmet and the battery and that keeps it from moving side to side. The velcro uses a sticky side but the stickiness isn't strong enough to hold to the helmet when you attempt to pull the light off so the velcro just peels off the helmet; and yes I cleaned the area of the helmet first with alcohol. I got around that by using Gorilla Glue to hold down the velcro to the helmet. The pad that sticks to the battery doesn't have that problem.

    My friend has a MagicShine MJ856 that puts out 1600 lumens according to the manufacture, we tested the MagicShine against the Cygolite and the Cygolite threw a further beam but the MagicShine had more of flood pattern, but all in all the Cygolite's spot area of the light was brighter then MagicShine. MagicShine way over states their lights lumen outputs.

    This is great light, but since it came out Cygolite introduced more models of the ExpiliOn series of lights. You can get 600 lumens on a ExpiliOn for $100 on Amazon instead of 480 lumens with the Mitycross that will cost you $190, of course you do loose about and hour and half run time on high with ExpiliOn vs the MityCross, but the ExpiliOn is consuming a lot more power to increase it's output by 120 lumens over the MityCross and using a smaller self contained battery. It's for this reason I gave the MityCross a 4 star value rating because I think the ExpiliOn is a better value.

    Similar Products Used:

    MagicShine (can't recall model but it had 800 lumens); Cygolite Metro, Cygolite ExpiliOn 350; Phillips SafeRide.

    [Dec 29, 2009]


    Bright light
    Good pattern
    Long Battery life


    Price - at 200 it's not cheap.


    I've used this light for a year now and still think its one of the best out there.

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