Cygolite MityCross 400 Lights


Ultra-Compact Rechargeable LED Bicycle lighting System for avid road and mountain bikers.


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[Feb 19, 2012]
Recreational Rider


Very bright, very well made, light bracket is bomb proof, downpour proof.


Battery strap, fortunately the battery is small and light weight so it's not to big of deal. Now that bright headlights with self contained batteries are rivaling those with separate batteries I don't see the need for separate battery anymore. But the battery thing is personal and does not take away from the quality of this fantastic light.

This light is either the most or one of the most highly reviewed lights on the market, and for good reason.

This is a dual beam light which I prefer in the highly unlikely event that a LED would burn out on a ride the other would get you home. The light is actually brighter then the MagicShine 1100 lumen light I compared it against. I had no issues with being concerned about overriding the light even when I cranked her up to 32 mph, in fact most of the time I run this light on the medium setting because the high setting is too much, unless I get on a pitch dark country road then I will run it on high just to get more detail. The light has great side spill to the sides, long range projection, and the light is a white light not a blue white light.

The light has an OSD feature that allows you to change either the brightness of any of the 3 levels of lighting, or you can change the flash speed. I didn't find a lot of use for that, but I did change the medium light setting because from the factory the medium setting was just a tad dimmer then high and a lot brighter then low, so I dimmed down the medium setting to about in between what low and high should have been. I only use the light on flash mode on rainy or foggy days because of it's superior brightness, otherwise I use a separate flasher at night in conjunction with the headlight so people are attracted to me faster.

The battery run time is exactly as Cygolite claims it to be at 3.5 hours on high and about 17 hours on low, with the medium setting at around 10 hours. It takes 4 hours to charge using a standard wall outlet, it does not come with a USB charger.

The light kit comes complete with one short cable attached to the battery, and one longer extension cable that attaches to the main cable if you need more length. It also comes with mounts for both the bars and helmet; and a small cloth bag for the head light to go into for storage.

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