Cygolite Rover II Extra LED Lights



  • Dual High-Brightness LED headlight
  • Light output equivalent of 25 halogen watts
  • Extra long 3.5 to 10 hour run time on bicycling settings
  • 6 total brightness / flashing settings
  • Bicycling Mode: High / Low - Boost - Flash
  • Special Mode: Walking - SOS
  • Battery low indicator integrated into the headlight
  • Cross-Fireâ„¢ design spreads the beams side-to-side for maximum ground coverage
  • Compact NiMH water bottle battery fits in water bottle cage
  • Durable shockproof LEDs
  • Smart Rapid charger
  • Heavy-Duty Flip-Lock handlebar bracket fits oversized & standard sized handlebars


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    [Jun 14, 2011]
    Little Bunny Foo Foo


    Low, normal and high settings are perfect. Battery life is pretty good as well considering the output. Far and above the best light I have ever used.


    Price is high (still very much worth it, though).
    Battery is either too big (for the top tube) or too small (for the water bottle cage). Can be nestled nicely in a bag, though, so not enough of an issue to get reduced to a 4 for the overall rating.

    "Wow!" Was my first reaction with this light. My previous experiences with lights was just some small 5 LED Cateyes and whatnot. Those were used more or less in daytime commuting, but they didn't cut it at night when I am the only light around.

    The four modes are perfect. Normal is great for any normal situation (minimal street lights, the need to see the ground and ahead of the bike). The dim setting is about as bright as a small light, but its dispersal is much, much greater. This is perfect for bright nighttime situation, such as a highly lit road. The bright setting is what really blew me away. It's so bright that cars have even flashed me to let me know that the light is too bright (it's not, it's less bright than a car's normal beams). This is perfect for those pitch black roads. You can see ahead, around and the ground just fine. The last setting is the flashing mode. I never use this because I use my old Cateye in conjunction with it in flashing mode.

    The battery is kind of an odd size (too small for the water bottle holder, but big and bulky everywhere else), but it comes with a strap to hold it onto whatever tube you would like. Personally, I don't like putting it on the tube and just slip it in a handlebar bag. I normally get about 5-8 hours out of it depending on the roads I'm on.

    The clamp seems adequate. It stays tight and doesn't slide around. I've gone over some hard bumps that haven't jostled it or knocked it off (my Cateye can't say the same). I've never had any durability issues, but it is replaceable if it ever breaks.

    The light has been used in all conditions ranging from -20F to 104F, rain, shine and snow. It has never failed to perform except when I forgot to recharge the battery (my fault).

    Charging is a snap. Charger has an indicator to show when the battery is fully charged. Wires on the charger are long enough so that the battery can stay perched in the bike (or in the bag in my case) while charging.

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    Never used any light in this class. Other lights are various cheaper and nicer 5 LED headlamps. Wheel generator lights.

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