NiteRider Lumina 500 Cordless Lights


The Niterider Lumina 500 is a cordless headlight, the USB rechargeable is a self contained light. The Lumina features a new, lightweight body combined with increased thermal properties, ensuring a brighter, longer lasting LED. 500 Lumens Siper Bright. A


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[Nov 05, 2013]


Bright, Good Mount, USB Rechargeable, Different Modes


Computer Interference, First One Broke, Expensive

This is the best light I have owned. This is my first USB light since I didn't see the value of buying one, given I get AA and AAA batteries for near free when the office supply stores offer their promotions. I needed something that was bright and got a decent deal on the light.

The mount is also better than anything I have tried. It is a clamp with a thumb screw so no tools are required. It stays on place unlike other lights that would shift down or up when I hit a bump. The mount is fairly easy to install and remove but I have been leaving it on since it is fairly unobtrusive.

There are 5 light modes - High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and Dim (I'm sure these aren't the technical terms). When first turning on, it's in low mode, short presses change it to Medium, then High, then back to Low and through the cycle again. Long press turns it off. Really long press changes it to strobe. A short press in strobe changes it to Dim, then back through the Low-Medium-High cycle.

Now the bad. I noticed that my wireless cycling computer wasn't working during my first dim ride. Since the only thing that had changed was the new light, I turned it off and on while riding and noticed that it was the culprit. This is common with wireless computers and high powered lights but still an annoyance. Also, my first Lumina 500 broke after a couple of weeks of use. I called NiteRider and they sent a replacement with a free return shipping label. Good process and nice that I didn't have to pay to return a faulty product. Lastly, it's expensive in general and also relative to other bright USB rechargeable lights. I gave it a 3 out of 5 because I got a good deal on it and 2.5 isn't available.

Like I said, it's the best light I have owned. The strobe setting has been receiving one finger salutes from drivers, so I don't turn it on unless I deem it necessary for safety. I've had a couple of drivers pull over when I rode behind them with the strobe. I also cover my light when approaching a walker or cyclist so I don't blind them. Battery life is good so I don't have to recharge it often and it is bright enough for me to see where I'm going and for others to see me coming.

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