NiteRider MiNewt 600 Cordless Lights


If you're like us, during your poorer university and post-grad days you would have to make do with whatever equipment you could afford. Long sleeve cotton tee shirts sufficed over summer jerseys well into December; flashlight attachments for hunting rifles latched precariously onto our handlebars. Now that you can afford Castelli or Assos winter gear, isn't it time to upgrade that bike light too? The NiteRider MiNewt.600 Cordless Light has an economy of space that makes it painless and easy to use, but it cranks out more than enough light to keep you visible on unlit roads. In fact, the 600 lumen output makes it a capable light for off-road use on singletrack trails.NiteRider builds their all-in-one headlamps as a way of giving the nighttime rider the best of both worlds. Since it's cordless, there won't be any irritating wires or battery cables to fuss with. It's entirely self contained, and the tool-less quick release mounting means that you can have it ready for use at a moment's notice. The output is impressive for such a small package, and it can run on the 600 lumens high setting for 1.5 hours. As with its little brother, the MiNewt.350, this stronger MiNewt.600 has three additional settings: 400 lumens medium level that lasts 3 hours, 250 lumens low level that lasts 4.5 hours, and what NiteRider calls walk level which can give you 10 hours at 100 lumens. With this version of the MiNewt, you have the option of mounting it on your handlebars or your helmet. The helmet option is great for those times when you need to be hands free, like changing a flat in the middle of the night.The MiNewt.600 comes with a low battery indicator so that you'll know when it's time to recharge the unit. Using the NiteRider smart charger will make the process simple, and the integrated Li-Ion Battery takes 5.5 hours to charge. The unit can fit on all handlebars up to 31.8mm in diameter. Weighing in at 190g the NiteRider MiNewt.600 Cordless Light is a perfect option for no-fuss, rapid mounting onto the handlebars.


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[Sep 18, 2011]
Recreational Rider


USB charging means not having to drag a charger to work. One-piece design makes getting it on and off the bike a simple affair. Comes with a helmet mount, usb cable and AC charger. Feels well made.


Beam spread is not as wide as what I would want for a mountain bike bar mounted light.

Well, I got sick of wires everywhere on my commuter bike so I decided on an 'all in one' light. Saw the Mininewt and it appeared to be exactly what I wanted. Not too big, must be around 500~600 lumens, QR connection to the bar or helmet, well made. It replaced a Magicshine 900; this Mininewt on high beam appears brighter in the center with a narrower beam. The Magicshine does better as a wider spread and would do well on my MTB, where it will be moved. It recharges with mini-usb, which means I can connect it to my computer at work to charge-so I can run it on high if needed then top it off at work. The mount is a simple squeeze lock/unlock and the light can be swiveled. For commuting it's just about perfect. For mountain biking I would prefer a wider spread but it would make a great secondary helmet light. The blink mode is way too slow to use on the bike IMO (they call it 'walking blink' mode.) Happy with it so far.

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Magicshine 900. L&M Stella 150 which is my commuter helmet blinkie.

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