Superstar Components Brightstar Levin HID 12W Lights


High power 12W High Intensity Discharge lamp gives huge light output for the power usage. The best multi-LEDs can now just compete for output, but they are at least three times the price. The multi mount is supplied and can rotate in all directions, it looks weak in the pictures, but it is glass fibre reinforced and really sturdy. It will fit normal bars or with the one or both rubber pads removed oversize bars. A simple mount (designed for Quad bike use) will be available as a spare part for £7. Full spare parts inventory is available for sensible prices.

The battery is a micro processor controlled SONY brand Lithium Ion, and are cylindrical (175mmx50mm) with rubber and Velcro frame mounts. The kit contains both a wall and car smart charger, just plug in and it charges till its full. Green lights show that the battery charging is finished, and it turns off automatically.

Battery life of 3.5hours with 4.4Ah battery, larger capacity 5.2Ah will last 4.2 hours.

The kit contains everything you need, so no list of extras to add onto the retail price like other brands, wall AND car chargers. Also because I sell direct the spare parts can be reasonably priced - High capacity 5.2Ah Lithium-ion batteries are only £65, compare that to the competition at twice the price!

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