TekTro RX6 Brake Calipers


  • System: Linear Pull Brake
  • Material: Forged aluminum arms
  • Pads: 720.12 adjustable cartridge pads
  • Dimension: 20.5-36.5 mm


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[Mar 22, 2012]
Recreational Rider


Braking wet or dry (wt KoolStop salmon road pads; haven't tried the Tektro pads)
Useable with standard road levers -- prob. stronger with long-pull levers, tho'.
Reasonable looks.


If you're a gear snob, the label on them says 'Tektro'. Personally, I choose stuff that works for the conditions I need it to work in.
Modulation is v-brakish, but you get used to that.
Pads close to rim.

Bought these to replace an underperforming Tektro CR720 canti on the front of my touring bike. The bike is 30 yrs old and the studs are closer than on modern bikes, so that may be a factor. Originally I used MAFAC cantis with Scott Mathauser pads, which I remember working well, tho' it's all relative, and I may have rose colored glasses on about them. When I brought this bike down from the wall to use it again about a year ago, I no longer had the MAFACS so I used the Tektros CR720s with salmon KoolStops: okay braking, nothing great; inadequate in the wet; terrible fork judder (and I've tried every straddle cable trick known to man and woman). Replaced the front one with an RX6 with the same pads and finally I have proper braking, very good in the wet, clears the mudguard and 35mm tyres, no judder, and situates the pads further forward so that they clear the forks when the brake is open so the wheel can come out. Good enough modulation for my purposes (3-400km/week, all weather, all conditions, loaded and unloaded), and IMO it looks clean and modern. I will put one on the back when I find one. The pads run close to the rim, tho', so prob. not a good cyclocross option.

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