Oakley Flak Jacket OO Polarized Eyewear


Whenever possible, we prefer to pack light. Pieces that can perform double- or even triple-duty are welcomed so we don't have to travel with so much stuff. After all we're saving energy for the move to the break. And that means the same set of glasses for the drive to the race and for the race itself. A long day of driving is best relieved with a set of polarized lenses, and the Oakley Flak Jacket Polarized is there with you, protecting your eyes from the harsh glare you can experience in the car and out on the race course.Oakley's polarized lenses block glare and improve your vision in bright reflected light. Particularly distracting sources are those in front of and below you. Snow is obvious, but glare can also be harsh on the water, on the road, and from shiny cars on the road. The application here is similar to a Venetian blind for your lenses, with the horizontal lines blocking the glare. You'll see better, and you'll squint less. In the end you'll be more rested because your eyes don't have to work so hard to see.What makes Oakley polarizing different is that they figured out how to integrate the filter into their lenses without applying glue. Their competitors typically sandwich the filter between thin layers of lenses using clear glue. The glue is often the source of the slight distortion you experience when wearing some polarized glasses. Another plus of Oakley polarizing is they make both the right and left lenses at the same time and cut them out in parallel pieces so the filter lines up exactly the same way for both eyes. This is one less piece of optical information for your eyes and brain to adjust to; another reduction in eye strain.The Oakley Flak Jacket Polarized comes with a Polished Black frame and 00 Red Iridium lenses. It comes with a hard case and a soft bag, the latter for cleaning and stowing the glasses in a pocket. There are also two sets of nose pieces to customize the fit.

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