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A road helmet of high quality and low cost,Idolo brings supreme exterior ergonomics combined with expertly crafted interior engineering perfectly suited for active riders. The size adjuster system features a full 360 degrees retention ring which fits around the head.


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[Mar 19, 2021]
Mr. Trek


I bought this helmet because my interest in cycling has been getting more and more serious and felt I needed to replace my Bontrager Solstice for a more road-orientated helmet. I bought it online on the strength of its aesthetics and, above all, its reputation of an entry-level helmet that punches well above its weight. 'Weight', by the way, is the first favourable impression you'll get when you hold the MET Idolo in your hands. At just 250g, this is a rather lightweight helmet. It makes my Bontrager feel bulky and heavy in comparison. (Albeit an unfair one: the Solstice was never intended to be a road helmet.) The next favourable impression is its aesthetics. This is one handsome helmet, especially in the black, white and red colour scheme I chose. This is Italian flair at its best: there's a mix of beauty ang aggression that leaves no doubts about the Idolo's origin. Weight and handsomeness would be nothing if it didn't perform well, but it does. It is extremely comfortable to wear and very well ventilated. It's very easy to find the perfect fit, and after a few kilometers I almost forgot I was wearing a helmet at all. It fitted my head so well I didn't feel any movement or vibration, even when riding on cobblestones. And did I mention how inexpensive it is? The Idolo is touted to be an entry-level helmet with many of the qualities of MET's more expensive models. Although I never wore any of the latter, I presume that reputation is justified. This is serious value for money.


The only real let-down is finish. The paint job isn't exactly high-end, you can see the lumps of glue that hold the retention system to the shell, and there are many rough edges. Some also complain about the lack of adjustment options, but I didn't find it to be an issue. As I mentioned, it's very easy to find the perfect fit for this helmet, even with the basic adjustments it offers. All in all the only real problem of the MET Idolo is its finish, but it doesn't detract from the fact that this is a fine helmet at an affordable price.

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