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Based on the Cervelo Test Team CCT-One racing shoe, the Bont Vaypor is a showcase for advancements in cycling shoe technology.


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[Jan 19, 2016]


Stiff, moldable


Buckle strap broke in one month, Bont warranty blamed me.

Good shoes but beware their customer service. Ratchet strap broke within a month, no biggie I thought.
Contacted warranty and they told me it wasn't a defect since they never see that type of failure. Offered to send the part but told me I had to pay 35 USD in shipping. I can buy a complete buckle kit for 22 USD here. They refused to cover shipping for a defective part. And they blamed me and made it seem they were doing me a favor. I think they're Australian but all manufacturing and staff in China. Orders to their store are sent to China and all interactions are with China. Impossible to find a phone number or contact info other than their warranty link on the site. Terrible.

Here's the thread- spelling errors and all!

I recently purchased a Vaypor direct from Bont last month in December.
The ratchet strap broke and cannot be used. I was tightening the buckle when putting the shoes on. I like to run the shoes tight.
Could you please send a replacement part?
I otherwise love the shoes and just want to get back to riding..

Hello Jose,

Please advise your shoe size#, we can send Ladder to you with FOC, but you need pay FedEx freight cost when you receive.
Thank you

How much would the cost of shipping be?

As we have FedEx account, FedEx usually take us about $35 if we send one pair of shoe or small parts to USA. I am not sure how much you pay FedEx for this shipment.

That seems pretty expensive for such a small part.
In fact, the entire buckle kit costs 25.00 here.
It would be cheaper for me to just buy an entire replacement buckle kit here then.
I thought that since this is a manufacturing defect on a new shoe with no damage to it that your company would attempt to make things right by sending me a replacement part without my having to pay so much.
If you could send the part by a cheaper method, even just plain mail, I'd appreciate it.

Our bucklie kits are imported from overseas, we have been using the Buckle/ Ladders more than 7 years, I don't seem it is manufacture defect.

We never use other Express to send part or shoes, I think you can buy it from local dealer.

Do you have a manager I can speak with?

I am a manager to deal with these issues. Frankly speaking, I have never seen snapped position like your photo. Sometimes I saw snapped at the tail end of Ladder, all resulted from cold weather or customer's improper operation. In order to provide good service for customer, I always suggest give replaced Ladders(FOC) to customer, but customer afford freight cost --As you know, we never absorb any freight cost except for sending free part to customer.

That is unfortunate.
So based on a low failure rate you blame the customer for a part failure.
The warranty is there because of a low failure rate. It is a guarantee on the part of the manufacturer that the part is not expected to fail. When it does, no matter how infrequent, the part is replaced under warranty. It is not good customer service to blame the customer and say that because you rarely see it then it's not your fault.
I would like you to send me the part at a reasonable shipping cost, even if it means absorbing some of the cost.
If this is representative of the customer service a Bont customer can expect the I will let the rest of the cycling community know since it does affect their choice in what shoes to buy. When a cyclist buys a 400 dollar pair of shoes they should be able to expect the manufacturer to stand by their product, especially if it breaks within the first month of use.
I will publish this email exchange on the popular cycling social media with the entire email thread so your potential customers can see that my request was not unreasonable yet was denied with prejudice.
Feel free to have your managers or company representative contact me.

The truth is I hear customer for replaced ladders as they crashed or mistakely bend Ladder with big curve in cold weather. Re this case, can you please consider below two options:

1. You can designate Express company, which can ship parts from China to US. I will contact it to send 4 pieces of Ladders to you FOC, you pay freight cost when you get them.

2. If possible, you can check and contact local dealer to borrow it and advise we will ship it back to local dealer when we have shoes shipped to them.
Thank you

I did not crash and I live in California where it is warm.
There is no curve at the location on the strap.
Please stop blaming me for the failure.
I do not have an account with any shipping company. I only need one strap.
US dealers do not let customers "borrow" items. Regardless, there are no dealers within an hour's drive from me which means the cost of gas will be more than 35 dollars anyway.
I would appreciate it if you could just take the time to go to the local post office and mail an envelope with one strap. I have received items I ordered on eBay from China which required very little postage- less than 5 dollars.

[Nov 05, 2013]
Graham Rudge
Road Racer


-Very Stiff
-Heat Molded fit
-Secure strapping system
-Easy to clean


-Heat Molding not as straight forward as described
-Can be expensive

I've had these shoes for one and a half seasons now. The initial molding process was trickier than what is laid out by Bont. The first reason for this is that many conventional ovens don't have a low enough heat setting for the molding process. I had to put a meat thermometer in the oven and continually open the oven door so as not to let it get too hot and overheat the shoes as this will void the warranty. I had to mold the shoes three times before I got them as comfortable as I wanted them. They took some getting used to as well as some saddle height adjustment because of the lower stack height. After a couple of weeks they felt very good. I haven't had any issues with them and they are still very comfortable and super stiff. All the work up front to get them to the point of being comfortable was definitely worth it.

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