Carnac Phoenix Shoes


  • Synthetic/Nylon Mesh Upper
  • MFCS Composite Sole
  • 3 Two Velcro Hook and Loop Straps
  • Anatomical Heel Cup
  • Replaceable Rubber Heel


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[Sep 07, 2009]
Recreational Rider


Very comfortable, nylon sole that is as stiff as any cycling sole shoe need be. It is not as stiff as Carnac's traditional carbon soles, but it is stiffer than a Sidi non-carbon Genuis sole. It actually feels, to my uneducated feet, to be about as stiff as Sidi's carbon soles. They offer a roomy fit, that would work well for people with high volume feet.

The closure system seems to generate the perfect amount of pressure make you feel secure as hell, yet not to experience any pressure points. Maybe this is because the shoe is a really good fit for my feet, or it could be that the shoes wide and low profile straps are just damn good. I'm not certain, but I dig the feeling nevertheless.

In short, these shoes are good looking, comfortable beyond belief,secure, durable, stiff, relatively light, and inexpensive.

If you find a pair, swope em' up!


They only seem to come in a blue and silver color combination.

Notice the 5/5 rating. Quality and functionality are up there with shoes that cost twice as much, and the price (if you can find them) makes their value go through the roof.

Sometimes some of the best cycling equipment and gear comes at you in unsuspecting packages. I bought these shoes as a cheap set of kicks for my offseason fixed gera training. 'Low and behold', I've discoverd cycling shoe nirvana....Ok, not quite. However, they are a very good shoe. I've ridden Carnac Lemonds, Carnac M7s, Sidi Genuis, Sidi (carbon & non-carbon), and Carnac Eclipses'. I've found the Carnac Pheonix to fit my fit better than any of the others.

It is also a relatively quality shoe. It does not have the pretty white carbon soles that my M7s do, nor does it have the slipper thing going on like my sidi's. What it does offer is subtle material, a nice sized toe box (without being widebodied), a secure-durable-sleek strap system, a roomy vamp, and a very comfortable and stiff sole.

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