DMT Prisma 2 Shoes


The DMT Prisma 2 comes in two different sole styles. One has four-hole mounting for Speedplay cleats; the version we have here has a three-hole mounting for Look-style cleats. This is undoubtedly the more popular style, as even Speedplay users can utilize this mounting pattern with an adapter plate.The Prisma uses a dial system to hold the foot in the shoe. There's a lot to love in the dial. One adjustment per shoe is easy and fast. Also, with one adjustment, the entire upper is tightened equally at the same time; better for evenly distributing pressure. Turn the rotor clockwise, it tightens. Turn it counter-clockwise by 45-degrees, and the cable releases. There are three sectors that the cable wraps around: the upper, middle, and lower foot.DMT wraps your feet in other ways as well. The upper is made from what's called a 'slip last' meaning the upper is effectively constructed from one piece of mesh and wrapped around the last before being secured below the board. There are no seams to rub against your foot, and it allows the upper to conform very easily. Both mean greater comfort. There's microfiber on top of the mesh in places to reduce stretch to zero, but even with the microfiber on top of the mesh, the shoe breathes very well. At the back of the shoe, the external heel cup is deep and soft and holds your heel securely. The tongue is made of microfiber and is padded to better disperse any pressure that might come from the cable lace.They have also upgraded the insole this year to their heat-moldable ASL model. It looks like the standard foam insole on top, but when you take it out of the shoe and flip it over, you can see that there is rigid EVA foam in the plantar and heel areas of the foot. It's designed so that when you heat the insole up in the oven, place it in your shoe, stand in the shoe and tighten the upper, the insole will mold around your foot. This increases the contact between your foot and the shoe and reducing pressure on any single spot on the foot. You'll get better stability and a reduced likelihood of hot spots. All add up to greater comfort when riding.The Prisma's CX carbon sole is made from Toray MR60, which is a 40 ton high modulus carbon fiber. That means it has a tensile strength of 40 tons per square cm. In other words, it's got stiffness in spades. Toray is one of the top manufacturers of carbon fiber worldwide; it's the same stuff used by Pinarello in their frames. The lay-up of the carbon and the shape of the sole are exclusive to DMT. The soles are made from nine layers of carbon fiber woven at 0 deg, 45 deg and 90 deg angles. Of course the sole must be looked at as a whole, but each angle in the carbon lay-up will offer strength in different ways. The woven exterior is for great looks and adds durability for cruising across the parking lot from your car to the start line.The CX sole has been upgraded with a replaceable heel pad. It's bigger than the older pad as well, making it easier to walk on and longer-last

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