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[Aug 19, 2008]
Road Racer


Excellent fit. Svelte. Good and secure BOA enclosure with microadjustment.


Incredibly fragile and very expensive with no repair options.

I purchased the Lake CX400 shoes after reading a good number of positive reviews on the web. I was looking for a sleek shoe that I could use with a toeclip and strap pedal solution for track sprinting. I ended up using the shoe with a single toestrap attached to a Dura-Ace PD 7810 clipless pedal for track racing. I used stock 7810's for road riding.

The shoes worked well for both applications and were quite comfortable given the in-store heat-molding and on-bike fitting I received. No hot-spots. No discomfort on long or hard rides.

4 months into the season, I was involved in a serious crash on the track. The shoes ripped and separated in several spots. The carbon soles also suffered multiple fractures at the exposed heel cup and in the cleat and midsole areas. The Boa adjustment wheel was sheared-off completely.

See photos at:

Durability is a serious concern. My Sidi and Carnac shoes from the past survived multiple accidents with no more than outer scuffing. The fact that the Lake soles cracked in so many spots was upsetting.

I would have gladly purchased another pair because of the good fit compared to the other offerings on the market, but none seem to be available (out of stock for several months). There was no warranty nor a repair option, as would be expected. But I was surprised that LAKE (a very local company) wasn't even interested in seeing the damaged shoe. Maybe the durability was a known-issue. The low availability is tied to a forthcoming redesign/update. I was not offered a discount on a new pair.

My crash recovery was quick, but my riding was delayed for lack of good shoes. I ended up ordering a pair of D2 custom shoes and plan to receive them tomorrow (2 week turnaround). We'll see how they go :)

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