Louis Garneau T-Flex Shoes


You'll push the pedals that crucial bit harder in Garneau's Carbon T-Flex shoes. The light, rigid carbon outsoles channel all your leg power to the pedals for superb efficiency and speed. Thanks to the ratcheting straps, dual Velcro straps and snug heel cups, you'll enjoy a custom fit that ensures top comfort, too. And, the nylon mesh uppers breathe to keep you dry no matter how fast or far you ride, while the excellent treads ensure top-notch traction for hike-a-bike sections. Plus, when conditions become slick, you can screw in the aluminum spikes for additional traction.


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[Nov 02, 2007]
Joshua Nadas
Recreational Rider


- You can run. Actual running up hill, on flats, while carrying the bike, through wet mud, grass, ect. Great cyclocross race performance. I actually raced in these shoes & like them very much.

- On the bike its super stiff. Great power transfer.

- ratchet closure is a nice touch.

- high quality construction and materials

- replaceable ratchet mechanism

- good value for a high end shoe

- works well without cleats installed


- has replaceable cleats, that i found tended to drag a bit when running around. I ripped one right out during a training ride. I think that smaller soccer cleats or track spikes would work better, i do not know if they are compatible. I found the cleats were not necessary to achieve high performance out of the shoe.

My biggest concern when buying high end road shoes is - is this shoe as well made as Sidi? Sidi is known for guaranteed quality and comfort, so its important to know that the alternative meets that bar. What I have discovered is that this shoe is at the same quality of construction as Sidi, but is not as expensive. I am very impressed with the comfort out of the box, and how comfortable they are to walk or run. As a cyclocross spesific shoe - it is excellent. I think it is a great mountain bike shoe - and is probably fine for most recreational road riders using mountain bike pedals. The shoe is extremely stiff - yet you can run in it.
Very impressive.

I have done one cross race with these shoes, and plan on many more. I had been previously using LAKE shoes which are designed for touring.

The first thing that I noticed was that my heel does not slip around in the shoe. The front tip of the shoe flexes as you run up hill, keeping your foot completely in the shoe. The ratchet mechanism helps to provide a snug fit and ensure the shoe flexes properly.

When purchasing this shoe, i recommend trying on a pair - and taking a quick run around the shop. You will be impressed.

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