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Mavic Fury Shoes pedal on through hell like the lone cyclist of the apocalypse. The shoes combine a sock-like upper with a stiffer-than-a-board sole to give comfort and provide power. Those two features alone have made them players, and the success of Fury-shod racers like Julien Absalon, Georgia Gould, Katerina Nash, and Tim Johnson demonstrate what the shoes can do when supporting world-class athletes. But it wasn't enough: Mavic knew they could do better. The shoe, while it looks largely the same, has undergone several improvements, refinements really, all of which come from putting the shoes to brutal real-world testing. The most obvious change is the upper material. Mavic wanted a material that was both more stretch-resistant and cleaned up easier, so they switched from the sock-like matte finish to a glossy micro fiber. While they wanted to keep the upper soft, they also wanted to give it a bit more shape, so they built in a thermo polyurethane (TPU) frame they call the Energy Frame Plus to give a greater feeling of the foot being locked in place and to make the pulling portion of your pedal stroke more effective. You'll see this wrapping the shoe from the arch on the inside to the ratchet on the outside. The ratchet buckle and strap have changed as well. They made the buckle larger, so it's easier to get large or gloved fingers underneath and grasp. The strap has deeper valleys between the teeth for better, more confident grip. The Ergo Strap Carbon runs through integrated, two-position nylon lace guides for both better fit and smoother action. The Energy Lock Carbon heel remains the same, as does the integrated, wrap-around Ergo Tongue. Mavic have also upgraded the insole. They call it Ergo Fit 3D. It means two things. One is that the insole is three-dimensional, rather than two, but also that there are three different density materials giving some cushion on the top layer, a crushable bottom layer, and shaping from the heel cup through the arch. The bottom of the shoe has been tweaked a bit, too. The carbon outer layer is now unidirectional rather than carbon-weave. They still employ the Contagrip rubber, but have replaced the toe spike screws with short studs that sit flush with the rest of the sole and add a little toe grip in dry conditions. The Mavic Fury Shoes are packaged with mud spikes, a tool, metal shims for cleat adjustment and sole protection. There is also a carry bag. The shoes come in both whole and half sizes from 4.5 to 12 UK. Claimed weight is 335g for a size 8.5.


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[Dec 16, 2011]
Open Roader
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Very stiff carbon sole.

Despite being bright yellow the dust and dirt washes out very easily using a high pressure car wash hose on occasions.

These come in a very precise size range with half sizes throughout.

The twin bolt slots have plenty of adjustment range

The hard wearing but grippy rubberised sole keeps the cleats well hidden thus these are very safe / easy to walk a reasonable distance in.

Excellent open weave free venting toe mesh keep feet very cool and comfortable even on the hottest of rides.

These shoes dry very rapidly compared to the Zxellium Ultimate road shoes.

After 2 years of weekly use these shoes have minimal scuffs, the tensioning ratches and strap notches are in perfect condition and the rubberised soles have a long life left in them.


Some may think they are over priced - not me, these would be brilliant at twice the price.

This is a review for the 2009 Mavic Fury MTB shoes in the yellow colour.

Simply the finest cycling shoes I've had the pleasure of wearing.

Very light weight, uber comfortable, fine looking shoe - all cycling shoes should be this good.

For me I wish these were a tri-bolt road shoe these Fury shoes are worthy of considering using as a road bike shoe

Mavic got these very right.

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