Gipiemme Pluma Evolution Saddles


  • Frame: tubular titanium
  • Hull: titanium: Colours available: titanium, silver, yellow, red, blue, black
  • Stuffing: dual compound polyurethane
  • Covering: sized and selected cow hide
  • Weight: basic version 155 g - coloured version 170 g


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    [Sep 06, 2008]
    Recreational Rider


    Light, firm pad, different-looking than most other saddles


    Don't know how strong the shell is or how durable the pad will be, but i don't think they'll ever be issues

    I know it's uncouth to review a saddle after only two rides, but I really feel I'm onto a good thing with the Gipiemme Pluma Evolution. I've ridden a Selle San Marco Magma MgC saddle for a year and a half before the magnesium shell cracked in half a short while ago. Then began the search we all hate - looking for a new saddle. I tried a Selle Bassano and an unbranded cheapo for a few rides to at least get by and see if they were viable options. Neither were. I'd done some research and was starting to settle on a SMP Composit or Evolution but was not looking forward to the price. I lucked across the Pluma while searching for Gipiemme products in general. It was cheap and light and seemed to make another fair interim saddle. After fitting it and heading out for a 22 mile ride, it felt OK but was a bit too far back. I moved it forward so that my sit bones are right above the rear rail mount points and went out the next day on a 30 mile ride. Other than the extra attention I paid to it and how it felt, I never gave it any consideration at all on that ride. I never found myself searching for a comfortable position as I constantly have with other saddles, even sometimes with the Magma. Other than good sit bone contact, I felt no discomfort or compression on any important parts. I'm looking forward to more rides and how comfortable this seat should be. It's quite light at 155 grams with Ti rails and what seems to be a Ti shell with a firm and breathable saddle pad over the top. I may still consider an SMP eventually, but I'm confident this saddle will definitely keep me from rushing into one.

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