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Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle


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[Dec 03, 2013]


Nice spot to place your ass while riding. A little more cushion than the flite. Pretty inexpensive. Seems to hold up well. Nicely padded cutout to keep your pecker perky.


I can't seem to find anything but the manganese rails anymore. I have a yellow one with titanium, carbon rails that is great.

I had been riding a Selle Italia Flite but after an accident, needed to change my riding position a little more upright. The slight upright change turned my Flite into an ass hachet after several hours, so I tried the C2. This worked out great. When my riding position returned to semi-normal I kept the C2, as my ass had grown quite fond of the saddle. Have done a few longer rides with the C2, up to 7 hours and it still feels like it isn't there. The sign of a good saddle. The rest of me gives out long before the saddle becomes a pain but I'm working on my endurance.

I credit the cut out with the anatomically differentiated padding with my continued success with the ladies. Here is a little story I have posted elsewhere to illustrate my point;

Dear Penthouse,

I came home from work early one day. My girlfriend wasn't home, so I went in to take a shower. On finishing, I entered my bedroom and noticed the French doors were left wide open. when I went to close them I heard the noise of the pool cleaners outside. The guy that cleans my pool has lately been bringing his beautiful daughter with him as he is turning the business over to her. She is smoking hot and usually wears very little while scrubbing my pool. To my surprise, it was just the daughter and she had brought her twin sister to help. They notice me, wearing only a wet towel around my waist, body glistening from the shower......

.....anyway you can see where this is going. It's a great seat. Buy it.

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