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The Selle SMP Avant saddle is designed from extensive studies conducted which analyzed the different positions assumed by a cyclist in the various phases of a ride and the constant interaction between the body and the saddle. The central channel of the saddle varies in width to contour the body and allow continuous circulation of blood flow. This also prevents the cyclist’s sensitive areas from getting squashed and increases the blood flow to the leg muscles. The front section of the saddle with its beak-shaped design offers excellent support when pedaling hard and prevents your sensitive areas from getting squashed in the process. The design of the outer mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximize blood circulation and pedaling power. The overall weight of the rider is distributed throughout the saddle to offer comfort without sacrificing performance. This allows you to exert more power while in the saddle and ride longer more comfortably. Hand made in Italy.


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[Aug 03, 2014]
Recreational Rider


Like all the SMP saddles, you get no soft tissue pressure or chafing whatsoever.


Very wide, if you're not buying it for a fairly upright riding position, it could chafe uncomfortably.

I originally got this one because for some reason the Glider wasn't comfortable on the turbo trainer in winter, even though the Glider and Lite 209 models work well for me on the road. The Avant allowed me to ride the trainer for more than just 45 minutes without discomfort.
However, when I put it on my touring bike in the summer, it somehow just wasn't comfortable for real world riding. The flatter profile meant my arms had to do a lot more work holding up my body and were tired at the end of relatively short rides. The width was all wrong and I felt most of my weight was thrown forward onto the front of the pelvis near the pubic bones. So, I've taken it off and may put it on a commuting bike I'm building up, or perhaps just keep it for turbo trainer riding.
This saddle could work well for someone who has a very wide pelvis and an upright riding position.

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