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Believe the hype. Unique ergonomic design has riders hooked on comfort in a time of sub-100 gram saddles that can barely be ridden. Cut-away and dropped nose relieves pressure on soft tissues and promotes blood circulation. Nap leather cover. Carbon infused Nylon-12 shell. Foamed elastomer padding. AISI 304 tubular steel rails. 273mm x 139mm. 310g. Black or White. Made in Italy.


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[Aug 11, 2013]
Recreational Rider


No pressure on soft tissue whatsoever.
Works well even when tilted downwards
Replaceable rails
High quality construction


Pricey (but worth it if it works for you!)
Manufacturer's website is very strange - look at the Steve Hogg site instead.
Some seat posts don't work with it, so you may also have to change your seat post.

I should start by pointing out that there is no difference whatsoever between the men's and women's SMP Glider, except for pink thread and fewer colour choices in the ladies model. (I bought a men's to get a red one.)
So why am I posting this review under the ladies model? Because a lot of women probably look at these saddles and think, as I did, that they are just for men. My husband tried for two years to get me to try one, I finally got desperate enough about a month ago. Now I wonder why I waited so long.
Oddly enough, the pink stitching on the "ladies" model was one of the things that put me off. As in: "What kind of Mickey-Mouse company thinks that all they have to do is add PINK to make it for females????!!!"
SMPs aren't like any other saddle, so forget about measuring your sit bones and adding 20mm. Instead, log onto the Steve Hogg website and read his excellent article about SMP saddles in general and what he recommends for whom.
(Honestly, I think they should be paying him royalties, because his site is far more informative than the manufacturer's own.)
The Glider is recommended for a medium-wide pelvis. I also tried a Stratos but it wasn't quite as comfortable.
Set-up instructions are pretty straight forward, but even after you get it right, this saddle takes a bit of getting used to. I thought I was already sitting on my pelvic bones, but on this saddle I was *really* sitting on them, and they felt a bit bruised the first few rides. However, no chafing or soft tissue pressure whatsoever, even from the first - and this from a woman who always disliked cutout saddles.
One completely unexpected benefit - a more relaxed upper body. My arms no longer feel tired at the end of long rides because most of my weight is now supported by the saddle.
If you've tried every saddle, been properly fitted to your bike, and STILL can't get comfortable, definitely consider giving this one a try. It really isn't just for men. Now I just need to bite the bullet and buy another one for my touring bike.

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