Wipperman Connex 10SX 10-SPEED Chains


The Wippermann 10sX is made with stainless steel inner links and high-grade nickel-coated outer links for unparalleled durability and resistance to the corrosion. In addition, you can install and remove them for cleaning in a matter of seconds with no tools thanks to its reusable Connex 10-speed link. The only difference of substance, in fact, between the 10sX and the 10S1 is the fact that you forego hollow links with the 10sX , adding a few scant grams but offering no small cost savings.New for 2008 is Wippermann's change to a 5.9mm pin length and 2.2mm roller width. This makes the 10sX perfectly compatible with all 10-speed drivetrains -- Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM.


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[Feb 08, 2014]


Long lasting, connex link makes it easy to install


a little pricey

Easily one of the 2 best chains on the market. The other being the wipperman 10s1. I've used KMC, shimano, SRAM and none of these are as good as the wipperman. 2 seasons ago, I put this chain on cannondale. The bike came with some shimano chain, which was worn out at about 600 miles. I usually change the chain when the bike starts missing shifts. This is how far the shimano made it. Anyway, I put the wipperman on it. The chain rode more smoothly than the shimano ever did. Recently, I sold the c-dale (mixed feelings!). I changed out the chain and put a KMC on it for the new owner and threw the wipperman in a drawer. Now, with the new bike, I bought a new wipperman to put on it. Good chains make the chainrings last longer. Just for fun, I measured the new chain against the old chain and they were exactly the same length. I do clean and lube a chain before every ride, but this is amazing. On another note, I had shifting troubles with SRAM. So, I took that one off pretty quickly. My girlfriends bike came with a KMC. That seemed to start missing shifts after around 3-4 months of riding. Look, I understand if you love your shimano/KMC/SRAM/whatever and want to stick with them. Hopefully, that will keep the price of the wippermans a little lower next time I have to purchase one. Happy trails!

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