Felt F15X Cyclocross Bike


  • Easton EC70X cyclocross specific carbon fiber
  • SRAM Red Double Tap
  • Force clamp-on front derailleur
  • Felt CX.2 dual anodized 6061 aluminum 3D forged stem
  • Felt CX.2 aluminum 1-piece 2-bolt seatpost


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[May 08, 2013]
Nat Ersoz


Light weight and agile.
Great gearing component set.
Geometry is perfect for me.


Poor saddle design
Rear wheel breakage, non-drive side

I bought this bike on LBS closeout, post cyclocross season. I'm a large man, 6' 230 lbs at the time, and cracked my Redline frame.

The frame size available at the discount price was 51 cm. My previous frame size was 53 cm. The smaller size have me worried at first. However, after riding this bike for a year, I find the frame size perfect. When I use my backup 53 cm bike, I find I am uncomfortable and too stretched out.

It is a sad fact that this bike spends most of its time commuting to work and has only been off-road a few times. I've never raced cross, but would like to try it - schedule permitting. The bike has 6000+ miles on it now and is 15 months old. I ride in the Seattle rain - so it sees the muck and mud.

The great part of this bike is the agility - at least compared to what I was used to. I feel so confident on fast, bumpy corners. The geometry is a perfect fit for me. My arms and legs are slightly shorter than normal for my body size.

This bike came equipped with SRAM RED gearing. The cross front ring of (46, 38) would not be my first choice - but it is the cross competition standard. Today is my first day of riding with a brand new RED compact crank (50, 34) which is going to help me complete the SIR brevet series. The SRAM shifting is phenomenal. Responsive and tight. Previously I had Ultegra 6700 series shifting. This is a huge improvement.

For commuting and brevets, this bike can be fitted well with fenders and racks. The clearance ranges are huge and easy to work with. No rubbing, even things get wonky (fender bending and misalignment is not a problem).
The problem for some might be that it is not really a touring bike and lacks the dropouts that a true touring bike would have. You have to use hardware store hose clamps to get everything to fit.

The bike is taking some serious use and abuse. I've replaced the BB 4 times now. The headset is original. No visible signs of wear on the frame.

The bad parts:
- The saddle is a brick. Who can ride on that?

- The rear wheel continuously beaks spokes on the non-drive side. It is now a backup wheel. The spokes are special order from Felt, which makes it a major pain. I think the wheels were a way for Felt to keep the weight down but not spend money on wheels. My opinion. The LBS tech told me that the spoke nipples used by Felt are not suitable for the Seattle rain. He replaced all the nipples, yet the wheel still fails in 400 miles.

I ride 300K feet of climbing per year, and with my heft, the wheels are not up to the task.
I got a deal on a set of Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels and now have about 1000 miles on them, same spoke pattern - no problems. I get the feeling that Felt may have cheaped out on the wheels :(

The cantilever brake pads wear out quickly in the rain and will screech badly once they wear. I only get about 500 miles on a set of pads. The brakes are top quality, but this is just a fact of life with high clearance canti breaks. The wheel life will degrade badly if run on worn brake pads as well - so replace your brake pads often. If you're going to spend a lot on a cross bike - it might be worth waiting for the hydraulic disc brakes coming out. Might be pricey too!

Bottom line: I love this bike. I love this bike more than any other bike I've owned. For me, it is perfect.

[Aug 17, 2011]
Recreational Rider


Very tough bike that can take a beating. I can ride off curbs and take bone-jarring asphalt bumps with no damage Would not hesitate to take anywhere anytime. Light, agile, responsive. Ultegra setup slick and reliable.


Stock geometry tough to deal with. Top tube seems excessively long, required dropping back to a stem 20mm shorter and still seems too long. Stock cassette not suitable for climbs. Noisy brakes with almost no adjustment (minor irritation). Stock Vittoria tires are crap, only about 500 miles of riding, 95% on pavement and they were shot.

I bought this bike for exercise and commuting. I live in a "biking" community with a wide variety of trails, bike paths and country roads. I wanted a bike that could be ridden in all sorts of conditions. This bike does all fairly well. Commuting, long country rides are no problem. Finished in top 15 on three charity road rides.

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