Downtube Nova 7sp Folding Bike


  • Fork 20" steel threadless unicrown type
  • Handlebar Aluminum 560mm
  • Crank Prowheel 170mm with 3/32" 46T chainring
  • Pedals foldable alloy 9/16" axle
  • Brake Levers C Star 322DG


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[Dec 02, 2020]


I purchased two Downtube Nova folding bikes this past summer after doing some research. One was for me and the other for my son. They seemed like great bikes at an extremely reasonable price, very lightweight, with impressive specs, and with a one year warranty. My initial impression after receiving them seemed to confirm this. However, I soon realized, you get what you pay for. The bearings in one of the pedals failed after less than two weeks. I contacted Yan, the owner of the company, and he said the pedals were the number one point of failure on the bike, but it was extremely rare for them to fail so quickly and agreed to send a replacement. I was expected to purchase a pedal wrench to remove the old pedal and install the new. After about a week, I received an empty box. I contacted him again and didn't really get an explanation for the empty box but I received an actual set of pedals in another week. He was otherwise prompt and helpful in resolving some other small issues. About 2 months later on one of the bikes I was unable to engage the locking lever for the folding hinge. The pin inside the hinge somehow got bent. The bike was never abused or banged around so I have no idea how this happened. I suspect the mechanism is not very robust. I called Yan again and this time his mood quickly went sour but he agreed to send a replacement mechanism which I again was expected to install myself. After not receiving it a week and a half later, I had to call him repeatedly until he finally sent it. Installing it was not easy and I had to call Yan several times for help. Finally it was fixed. About a month later, one of the pedal's bearings on the other bike failed. It happened in the middle of a long ride and I keep riding with it locking up repeatedly. At the end of the ride the pedal actually fell off damaging the crankset. I called Yan again and he did not believe me about the second pedal failure because it was "statistically impossible." He refused to replace the crankset. After arguing with him for a long time, I finally got another set of pedals. Because of the damaged crankset the pedal no longer stays straight as it goes around. It's very disconcerting to ride. I had to decide whether to buy a new crankset or just get rid of the bike. In the end, I gave the bike with the bad crankset to a relative who only uses it for short rides occasionally and the other I sold at a huge loss. I then purchased two used folding bikes that I found on craiglist. One wa


No dealer support. Warranty is worthless.

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