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The Rans V3 (Velocity 3) is touted as a lightweight, peformance recumbent. Considering its weight, it was reasonably fast, but suffered from excessive frame flexing. The ride was comfortable, so I wasn't too worried. Then a few later I learned of a V3 aluminum frame failure, then a second in less than 30 days. I've since ridden the more expensive ($5500) titanium V3, and it too exibited frame flexing. So much so, that I experienced ghost shifting between the middle and large chainrings. Other titanium V3 owners have been reporting the same problems. The front brake is also VERY inadaquate, and borders unsafe. Why Rans chose to equip this expensive recumbent with such a cheap brakes, is beyond me.

Also, since the V3 has a larger front wheel, low speed handling is terrible. Once above 12 mph or so, it isn't too bad. Certainly not a bike I would recommend to anyone, considering its high price, bad brakes, poor low speed handling and dangerous frame failures.


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[Nov 07, 2019]


I have the V3 in steel and do not experience any of the weaknesses that the titanium or aluminum owners have listed. The bike is a long wheelbase, but Rans did not build the steel model in XL like they did the others. It is more of a mid-length model. I am 6'4" and I have the seat about halfway back on its rails and am very comfortable. This bike came with 26" wheels and disc brakes. I am currently running 650x23c wheels with Tellus 28mm tires and the ride is nice although the chip seals in Kansas can still be rough. The bike is not light, but is oddly fast and climbs pretty well too. Most any recumbent struggles to climb, but flies downhill.


I've found that the 26" back wheel is tough to remove. It seems like the frame is too narrow for it. The 650 wheels slip right in without issue. Heel strike can be an issue if one is not careful when turning. I usually stop pedaling as I go around corners. On the other hand, not everyone has as big a foot as me: 16!

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