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The All City Space Horse is all about versatility. It has tons of mounts for racks and fenders for a great touring or commuting bike and can even fit up to 42mm wide tires 38mm wide with fenders. Even though it comes geared the frame has semi-horizontal dropouts so it can also be set up as a single speed. Unlike most semi-horizontal dropouts the All City designed dropouts have a tab at the front to indicate the best wheel position for geared riding.The double butted main triangle 4130 ChroMoly steel frame and fork will hold up to daily abuse while nice accents such as a lugged fork crown and dropouts add a touch of class and style. The chain stays seat stays and fork are all tapered with ovalized and dimpled chain stays. The frameset all comes together with a classic burnt orange paint job with white tips and wrap and black stripes and All City logo. The parts package is a good mix of performance and durability while keeping the bike affordable. A Shimano Tiagra 10-Speed co...


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[Apr 03, 2015]


Wonderful versatility, sensible geometry, truly does everything well even if it does nothing perfect


Tiagra 4600 rear shifter is finicky compared to 105/Ultegra/Dura-Ace

I've had this bike for a year and a half. I always had racier bikes in the past but wanted something much more practical as I rarely have time for group rides and no longer race.

I've used this bike for commuting, "training/fun rides", pulling my son in a Burley trailer, and just about anything I get a chance to do. I convert this bike to different configurations depending on the ride. I have a Blackburn rack & Panniers, SKS fenders, lights, etc.. for utilitarian stuff. In the summer if I am just going for a ride I am likely to remove the rack & panniers and I put a faster Mavic wheelset on with 700x28c tires and a narrower range cassette to lighten up/speed up the bike.

This bike handles light off road duties just fine. Fire roads and such this bike will be just as fast if not faster than a Mountain Bike. On the road it is definitely slower than a dedicated road bike (mostly due to weight & gearing) but it is not far off the pace. One of my favorite types of rides tends to be a mix of 50/50 road & light off road, which is something this bike does very well. Ride quality of the frame seems to be good loaded or unloaded, whereas heavier bikes I tried just were not fun without a load. The main bike I compared this against was the Surly Long Haul Trucker, a somewhat similar but heavier touring bike. The Space Horse was significantly more fun & sporty when riding unloaded. I have tried a mountain bike bar/shifter setup on this bike but it is more fun for me with the road handlebar setup.

In terms of handling a load I have loaded the bike close to the max weight for the rear rack. Handling remains just about perfect seated in the saddle and I can even ride no hands fine as long as the weight is evenly distributed. You do however feel the weight if you get out of the saddle. Distributing weight to the front would probably eliminate this though. I have had no trouble pulling a trailer with a total weight of trailer + cargo/child of up to 70lbs of weight with this bike.

One thing I found pretty mandatory was to add an in-line adjuster for the rear cantilever brake. The brakes this bike comes with work quite well but the brake pads alignment really needs to be adjusted perfectly. Mine were not adjusted well at all when I bought the bike, but once I got them right I have not needed to touch them again.

The Tiagra 4600 drivetrain on this bike is a pretty good choice for several reasons, including lowering the price, making the bike less attractive to thieves, and providing a good versatility between sportiness & utilitarian concerns. However the rear derailleur is noticeably finicky compared to more expensive options like 105, Ultegra, and Dura Ace. It never quite shifts perfectly in all gears all the time no matter how much time you spend on it. The front shifting is however excellent with the compact setup. Nearly flawless, which is admirable for a compact setup at this price point.

The wheels which come with this bike are great, they are pretty bombproof. The tires however are mediocre. They offer somewhat OK traction off road and on road but are heavy and slow everywhere and the ride quality is only mediocre. It is important not to overinflate them. I weigh around 180lbs, I tend to run about 50-55psi in the front and 60-65psi in the back, with slightly lower pressure if I am going in the dirt and slightly more if I am carrying a load.

Overall, this is a great bike. The heavier steel construction feels bombproof, trustworthy, and zero stress to maintain compared to lighter/racier bikes I've owned in the past.

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