Magellan Casseroll Track Bike


New for 2007,, we introduce the Casseroll, our most versatile road bike ever. With a grocery list of features and possibilities, it's the perfect solution for asphalt-slaying role-playing.

So what is Casseroll? Well, it's a road bike with real road bike geometry, not a cross bike or hybrid bike. It's definitely not about road racing though. Casseroll is about road riding, whether for commuting fitness, or looking at the scenery. Casseroll is the dish. You pour in the ingredients, stir it up, and ride.

Build Casseroll to be your perfect commuter. Or go for a daylong adventure down that road you've seen, but never ridden. Run it with flat bars or drops...hmmm, maybe a mustache bar? Add a rear rack and fenders. Or just throw on a 40 x 16 and call it good.

Casseroll. Truly one hot dish.

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