Biknd Helium Air-Cushioned Bike Case Books


The first thing you'll notice about the Biknd Helium Bicycle Travel Case is that it has air bags for your bike. We should note, by the way, that it doesn't use helium in any way -- just air. The name 'Helium' stems from the lightness of the case. It weighs only 24 lbs empty, and considering the level of protection it provides for your bike, that's darn light. The air bladders are a big part of the story, but many less obvious details make the Helium Travel Case one of the best values in protection per dollar for your bike. For starters, it uses super tough 900 denier ballistics nylon and 1200 denier polyester Oxford cloth on the outside. At the stress points where the hubs lie inside the bag, tough plastic shields are used to protect your hubs and offer protection for the bag as well, since this would be a prime spot for abrasion if left unprotected. Similar plastic shields are used on the inside end of the hubs as well, and they're strapped into place so they'll never fall off during transport. On the subject of wheels, the Helium is unique in that it can store two pairs of wheels with the bike. So go ahead, take your aero wheels and your lightweight wheels for the days when you'll be high in the mountains.The Helium Travel Case is easy to load because it zips open to lay completely flat. You'll have easy access to the fork mount -- no more finagling deep inside a dark box to secure the fork tips to the skewer block. Biknd includes pads for the fork leg, stem, and drivetrain to protect your bike's finish from scratches or abrasion. As you fold the case towards the secured bike frame, the inflatable bladders fold over the wheels on either side of the bike, separating them from the frame. And once the case is all zipped up, you'll use the included pump to inflate the pneumatic padding to fill the space between the wheels and frame. Other details include nylon sleeves to keep the wheels from abrading each other and a nylon rear hub spacer to protect the rear dropouts.The Biknd Helium Bicycle Travel Case has casters to make transport through the airport easy. It will accept road bikes up to 64cm size and mountain bikes up to 45" wheelbase. In most cases, you will need to remove your rear derailleur from the bike frame. When assembled into full size, the Helium Case is 33.5" x 50" x 12". When not in use, the Helium shows off one of its most desirable features -- it packs down to a fraction of its assembled size. It's easy to stow in the corner of a hotel room or in the closet behind your jackets.

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