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While we all probably wish Greg aged with a bit more class -- the industrious, closed-mouth transition to their golden years we've seen from Bernard Hinault and Eddy Merckx would serve as a fine example for any of us -- it's still impossible not to love him anyway. Our hero-worship of Lemond was just too darn intense in our youth to give up on him now. And this 4-pack of DVD's is first-class goosebump material. Seeing Lemond at the height of his powers isn't just a refresher course in Bike Racing History 101, it'll make you feel doe-eyed and silly in love with bike racing all over again -- just like you're teenager again. You can't beat that.You get 4 DVD's total: The '86 Tour is a 55-minute highlight reel of Lemond v. Hinault. The '89 Tour, Lemond v. Fignon is 100 minutes that covers all the critical tactical moves including Fignon's near-slaying of Lemond in the mountains, then the oh-so-legendary TT in Paris. The '89 Worlds, a.k.a. Lemond v. Fignon -- the Rematch is 50-minutes and while it's perhaps a bit heavy on the

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