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Here's what you need to do in the first 30 minutes after any workout: get some protein in your system, as well as some carbs. The easiest way to get the protein part is to use a whey protein powder, like Hammer Whey, but you should also make sure you refuel spent antioxidant stores, using something like Hammer's Anti Oxidant Booster.While you may understand why you need to replenish protein (to add back the used-up amino acids in your muscles, since that post-ride soreness you feel is only going to last longer if you don't), the antioxidant side of the coin is less well understood by most cyclists. So here's what you need to know. People who exercise for more than 90 minutes, and especially those who go into the "red," past 80% of their VO2 limit with any regularity, are consuming more oxygen. That's obvious. But what's less obvious is that the more air you breath, the more you're creating free radicals in your system, and free radical production, while necessary to breath, is also believed to be one of the biggest causes of illness and aging. And as cyclists we're also struck by another cause of free radical production: UV radiation.Antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, attack free-radical production and scavenge away the negative, harmful free electrons created by exercise (and simply through normal respiration). Hammer Anti Oxidant Booster goes one better than over-the-counter vitamins, because it's made to work as a system. Antioxidants work better together, so Anti Oxidant Booster combines two strains of vitamin ...it fights harmful free radical production that's known to accelerate illness and aging... E, called tocopherol and tocotrienol. Don't worry about the jargon. The two strains are necessary because "vitamin E" is too often tocopherol and not tocotrienol, and studies show that the former only works effectively if it's paired with the latter.Another key ingredient in Anti Oxidant Booster is Lutein (common in carrots and yams). This carotenoid attacks UV-produced free radicals and is particularly good for both skin and eyes, and is thought to also help fight for clearer arteries.The "killer app" in Anti Oxidant Booster is astaxanthin. Studies show that astaxanthin helps burn fatty acids as more efficient fuel (so you can exercise harder and longer), even as it's said to reduce the free radical damage to the heart and skeleton, and it's a natural anti-inflammatory (a la aspirin).Hammer suggests taking one Anti Oxidant Booster a day on non workout days, and on lower-production days, if you ride for 90 minutes or less. Time the supplement for consumption right after you pedal. If you ride for over 90 minutes, take the Anti Oxidant Booster after the ride, and a second one at dinner.Hammer Anti Oxidant Booster is a critical post-ride, vitamin and antioxidant supplement. It contains complex vitamin and antioxidant formulas designed to work in concert to fight free radical production that can cause illness and premature aging. One b

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