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Anyone serious about performing as an athlete knows that it's critical to refuel after a workout. Beyond complex carbs, your body also desperately needs pure protein -- like Hammer Whey. First, the reason for protein is fairly straightforward. In any workout longer than about two hours, your body starts to access stored protein for energy (you can reduce this effect using a soy-protein-based supplement like Hammer's Perpetuem). The soreness you feel after a hard effort is often a result of your body continuing to heal itself from this protein depletion, where the protein loss has come directly from your muscles. Failure to replace this protein within 30 minutes after a workout will only prolong the pain and lengthen the recovery period. The way to reduce that soreness and maximize the strength-building effects of a workout is easy: replace the carbohydrates, antioxidants, amino acids, and the protein stores you've just used up. And a few scoops of Hammer Nutrition's Whey makes that possible.First, know that whey protein is the most bio-available protein source for your body. Meaning? Your body can more readily assimilate whey protein than any other form, save soy and egg whites (and soy is considered a more ideal source during workouts). Hammer's whey is more concentrated than a lot of other whey powders because it's made from whey protein isolate, not whey protein concentrate. The former is not only nearly lactose free, so even lactose-intolerant athletes can use it, but it's nearly 100% protein, whereas soy protein concentrate is typically no more than 80% protein (so you have to use more of it to get the same effect).That raises a few key points. First, you need a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein for ideal recovery, and roughly 10-20g of protein (depending on the duration of your workout as well as intensity, and your body weight). Second, Hammer Whey contains some key ingredients you also need for recovery, including the amino acid L-glutamine, which rebuilds lean muscle often stressed during exercise. Don't forget that the strain you put on muscle can only be repaired via nutrition, and having the right amino-acid profile is key. Hammer Whey also contains the three branched-chain aminos critical for muscle tissue repair, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, as well as aminos that help the body increase its own production of antioxidants. Yeah, you eat right and exercise, but as an athlete you also use more oxygen, which means you're also making free-radicals (oxidizing, in other words) and need more anti-oxidants than the average couch potato to fight off these disease-causing agents. All of these amino acids, as well as others in Hammer Whey, will help rapidly repair muscle tissue and thus stave off typical post-workout soreness. This also shortens the cycle between the strain put on by a hard workout and the benefit of increased strength and stamina created by regular exercise.Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein is essential post-workout foo

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