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Get real with your bicycle training. Get real professional. Get real with RealAxiom.

Take your training to the next level with the Elite Realaxiom CT Bicycle Trainer. The RealAxiom CT is a highly developed electronic training roller which, thanks to its interaction with the PC, can be used for various types of training on a bicycle. Simulate a real cycling experience with true-to-life video-races. This method of training allows the cyclist to train like on the real road. In fact, during training, the video of the course being done is displayed on the computer screen and its speed is linked to that of the bicycle. At the same time, starting from the speed, slope of the section and the cyclist’s weight, the program calculates the same resistance and the power that the cyclist would develop on the road. In this way, the cyclist will feel the same fatigue as pedaling on the real road. Therefore the cycle simulation is truly complete, since the program manages to perfectly simulate what the cyclist sees with his eyes and feels in his legs. Choose from two different display modes which display precise data of time, distance, slope, cadence, power, heart-rate and speed.

Race from your own home. The RealAxiom CT makes it possible to compete against one or more real or virtual rivals. With the Internet version it is possible to race against real time rivals and in addition to the cyclist’s data, the information regarding rivals will be available on the computer screen, as well. In all the versions it is possible to race against up to a maximum of 7 virtual rivals. In fact, if a cyclist has done a given course at least once, it is possible to select the time and to race against it.

New Software Release 6.1
Internet Competition
2 Video Races
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Test Personal Training
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