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At just 385 grams, the Alpha 340 rim is many things to many different people - a lightweight climber, a super fast crit racer, a long distance trainer or anything in between. Make no mistake though, they are designed to handle some abuse as well, evidenced by being ridden to a Masters Cyclocross World Championship just months after being introduced. Black anodized finish with a machined brake track for consistent braking performance.


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[Nov 30, 2016]
Gordon M.
Road Racer


These rims are extremely lightweight, and somehow, Stan's engineering team made them very stiff too. How did they arrive at the intersection of lightweight and very stiff? I think its sorcery, or maybe a really great design.

These wheels are very easy to build-up.


The wheels lose a lot of spoke tension after inflating a tubeless tire. The wheel is designed to be run at relatively low spoke tension, but this may not be a true weakness. Only time will tell.

About me: I'm a 170 lb rider from the desert of New Mexico. Roads here are generally in poor shape and terrain can be quite varied -- anywhere from flat river valley to very steep and mountainous.

I built these wheels myself with 32/32 spokes, 3-cross lacing, and 14 ga. straight-gauge DT spokes. I chose Shimano 6800 Ultegra hubs to turn it all. I use linseed oil to keep it tight. This was my first wheel build ever. My goal was to build a strong, relatively lightweight, serviceable, and long-lasting wheel set. These wheels are replacing my stock (and very heavy, but "strong like ox") Bontrager Alloy wheels.

The front wheel went together with no trouble at all. No dish adjustments or lateral truing were needed while tensioning the spokes. The rear wheel got wonky on my first attempt at tensioning the spokes, but I am a beginner. The second and final attempt required two dish adjustments and one lateral truing adjustment. No radial truing was needed for either wheel. This was a very easy wheel build. It all weighs in at about 1850 grams. Not bad for a sub-$400 build. This wheel set is a whole pound lighter than my stock set.

I lost a lot of spoke tension after inflating my Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires. I contacted Stan's and they said this is normal. The spoke tension is to be set with no tire on the rim and no post-inflation adjustments are needed. I still went ahead and added a little bit of tension to the spokes anyway (1/8 of a turn each). This helped a lot and I don't feel it over-tensioned the spokes to the point where the rims are operating outside of safe margins. Getting the tires seated was easy.

The tire volume in my Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tires increased as I could not fit the tire between the brake pads. I was also able to drop my tire pressure by 2psi due to the increased volume.

My first long rides on this wheel set were actually in Austin, TX (hill country). After about 100 miles, the rear wheel spokes lost a lot of tension, as is normal for a brand new wheel build. I really wanted to put some stress on the new spokes, so I rode a few of those miles on some rooty/rocky XC off-road paths. I could feel the sluggish response of the slack spokes when I gave the bike some power, but while watching the rear wheel while under power I could see no perceptible wheel flex, dishing, or folding. I think this is amazing. I've seen wheels at this spoke tension try to fold over when under power. The front wheel is still under original build tension, as is common.

I went through and tightened each rear spoke 1/4 of a turn and the spokes are now back to original build tension. Three spokes completely lost tension, and the wheel was only out of lateral true by a few milimeters.

Climbing is a breeze with these wheels (build details above). I descend faster than all my buddies now. The increased tire volume allows me to run at a lower pressure, which has a noticeable improvement on ride quality and cornering ability. I can cruise a few gears higher than I used to with the old wheel set.

5 stars for value and overall for low cost, ease of build, wheel stiffness, low weight, and excellent ride quality and cornering ability.

BOTTOM LINE: These are affordable easy wheels to build yourself. Contrary to a lot of other posts I see online, I think these are fairly stiff wheels, and I am an average rider (170 lbs). Even after losing much of my spoke tension during those first rides, the fact that the wheel stayed stiff and did not fold, flex, or dish supports this claim. The low operating spoke tension is kind of spooky, but I'll just have to put some miles on the wheels and see what happens; it may turn out to be advantageous. That being said, these wheels are not for heavy riders; a 210 pound rider will have issues keeping these wheels true. I would buy these wheels again and recommend them to my lower weight friends.

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