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After years of development, Hutchinson has introduced their Sector 700x28mm Tubeless Tire. Essentially the wider version of their popular Intensive model, this is the fully evolved version of a prototype tire spotted under FDJ riders at Paris-Roubaix, a c


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[Jan 23, 2014]
Frank D
Recreational Rider


Very comfortable.
Great cornering.
Easy to install.
Like all pinch flats


Rather expensive.

I got a pair of these last week after my back tire (Hutchinson Intensive 25 tubeless) was able to find a discarded box cutter blade on my normal ride and cut the tire in half. I figured it was a good time to try the 28's. First off, if you've ever tried to mount the Fusion 2's or 3's tubeless, you know it's not anything to look forward to. Those tubeless are tighter than Nancy Pelosi's face! My last mounting was a 4 beer required chore! Very frustrating, however, the Sector 28 are a breeze to mount. As easy as any clincher and I didn't have to use a lever at all! I soaped up the bead and they inflated immediately. I did use my air compressor though. Now, installing the back wheel to the frame with the 28, I found it necessary to deflate the tire as to have enough space between the tire and the seat tube to have enough room to engage the drop outs. After installation and re-inflation, there is about 2.5mm clearance between the tire and the seat tube. The front tire/wheel fit fine on the fork with sufficient clearance. I've put just a little over 100 miles on them now, and I love the ride. Very comfortable and very secure cornering. They feel a little slower than my Fusion 3 tubeless, but not by much. I've been running them at 85 psi front and back with 2 ounces of Stans sealant in each. I can't comment on wear since I've only got 100 mi on them. I wish they were cheaper, but as cycling is my only hobby, I'll bite the dollar bullet and buy what gives me a good ride with no pinch flats.

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