Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure RT 700c wheelsets - clincher


The Pure RT 700c wheel set is designed to offer a viable alternative to the ubiquitous Mavic Open Pro. With a multi-layer anodized finish that out shines the Open Pro, and a sidewall that rivals its consistent quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value. Indeed, when beholding Pure RT wheels in your hands for the first time, even if you’re of the mindset that all of mankind’s achievements are not remarkable because they are still built by man, you will still find a pleasurable tingle of sensation from the mere visage of these Pure RT rims. This is no mistake, we have spent countless hours working to develop the anodized finish on these rims, so that not only will they be readily accepted by an unknown judge of aesthetics, they will be cherished. An astute eye will notice that the Pure RT rim does not have eyelets, this is not a mistake nor an expense savings effort on our part. Many of our new road rims are designed specifically to not incorporate stainless steel eyelets so that we can build them with our Bicycle Wheel Warehouse NBS® build technology, which is also featured in all of our Pure® road wheels and Blackset Race® wheels. The advantages of this build technology are numerous, and we are very tight lipped about the details of this initiative. We’ve probably already said too much… While we are offering to build these rims with Shimano’s most popular road hubs, the real highlight is the new Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure RT road hub series. These hubs are designed to offer an extremely functional, reliable, and maintainable service life. They offer free spinning, quality sealed cartridge bearings, as well as the ability to swap between Shimano and Campy freehub bodies. The front hub weighs a respectable 100g flat, the rear hub is a very fit 320g, and includes a steel freehub body that will resist premature cassette wear. Both the front and rear wheels are built with 32 spokes laced three cross via your selection of spokes and nipples. We are offering to lace the front wheel with a 1x lace pattern, which looks really sweet, and in car terms, adds at least 75 rear wheel horse power to your wheels…Ohhh yeah, especially if you’re rolling in the metallic pea Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

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