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Spinergy Stealth Gloss Carbon PBO Wheelset. Advanced PBO fiber spokes (black or yellow) - 16 front/20 rear, All black unidirectional thermoset composite carbon construction Compact Force 10 hub, utilizes 10 driving spokes for greater torsional stiffne


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[Jun 29, 2017]
Road Racer


Extremely quiet and reduce vibration far greater than any other wheel I've ever ridden. *feel* fairly fast in the wind, though I suspect the round PBO spokes are at a significant penalty to the aerodynamics due to their thickness. They are fairly easy to maintain- changing out the cartridge bearings is a relatively painless process. They are LIGHT! The weight of these is astonishingly low. With a higher quality hubs (particularly in the rear) these wheels would rival or beat all other top-spec FCC wheelsets, and at a fraction of the price
They look REALLY good. Especially because you can customize the letter decals, the squares and the spokes to a great many choices to make it look good with rides of almost any color scheme


The spokes cannot be tightened as much as steel which leaves them in dire want of stiffness. My newly factory rebuilt rear wheel experiences brake rub when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle.
The rear hub leaves a lot to be desired. It has considerable drag when freewheeling- so much so that on the repair stand if I rev up the rear wheel, the drag in the freewheel will cause the crankset to spin forward. Couldn't quantify it, but it's losing me power and energy when I should just be coasting. The bearings that come with the hubs don't seem particularly great- but hey, the price is undeniably competitive. However, having replaced them with some swankier bearings did not eliminate the problem- only improved it.
Truing or replacing spokes requires removal of the tire, tube and rim strip. Many carbon wheels have this characteristic, but it's still kind of annoying
Only Corima (Cork) brake pads are compatible with the wheels so braking kind of sucks. There is no groovy tech in the brake track (like Silicon Carbide impregnated in the high Tg resin, or machined or molded texture) to enhance braking.
Carbon doesn't last forever, but these may be fairly prone to premature wear. I've replaced a rear rim already because the layup started to delaminate- likely due to overheating during braking. And my front wheel has rubbed through the outer carbon layer (which is mostly aesthetic- and isn't it!)

These wheels are overall pretty great. They are extremely light, and half the price of anything else worth riding it at the same weight. They look really good and are customizable so you can accentuate the color scheme of your bike. They won't last forever, though. And they are not very stiff. But the PBO spokes, that require a significantly lower spoke tension, produce the quietest wheels I've ever heard and remove all but the harshest road buzz. If your in the market for some decent, very light aero carbon clincher wheels, I highly recommend them.

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